April Showers Bring May Flowers

Life. It has a weird way of giving us what we want. And sometimes what we think is the absolute worst thing in the world. It’s funny how as you get older your highs get higher and your lows get lower. But isn’t that how it’s supposed to be? You have to experience the bad to get the good? I mean I guess so. But I also think that’s really crappy. You know when good things are happening but you’re happy so why take the time to fully appreciate it. It’s just when it’s gone it’s so crappy. But i feel like it’s just your perspective. Like hospitals. For some people they’re happy places. Places where you go to feel better, or to bring in new life. But for others it’s terrifying. It’s a place where you go to die. Where your loved ones never walk out of. But good or bad it exists. And theres nothing you can do about it. Much like life. If you really think about it you really have no control over anything. You make decisions day to day, but how much of that was already planned out for you by whatever god or fate or destiny you believe in? I personally believe that everything happens for a reason–the good and the bad. That someone knew what you needed when you needed it so it happened. You don’t have to see the reason right away and honestly you may never fully understand why but these things have to happen but they just do. It brings the april showers that seem to never stop but hopefully with all the rain, soon all the flowers in your  life will start to bloom.


Beauty Unforeseen

Today I’m writing based off of this poem:


“Do you not know of the beauty you possess? Can you see it yourself? Or is it limited to all of those around you. Do you not know of the joy you give? Or is it as a flower in a field, showing a solitaire sign of beauty to us, but to itself it merely exists. What a shame it is for a gift such as you, to have such power, and yet so little understanding.” – Jim Scott



This poem is wow. People overlook their beauty and their uniqueness and only see others around them. It’s like society hypes up the ideal image of beauty and leaves women feeling as though they’re nothing, like they have nothing to give. And it’s not just women although I feel that women have more standards to uphold. The beauty and creation each and everyone of us has is slowly overshadowed by her makeup or her gorgeous natural hair or her likable personality or whatever it is. And you know what, sometimes it needs to be shouted out. You are enough. You are stunning, and different and there is nothing else in the world that has beauty in the same way you do. You may not appeal to everyone but why would you want to? I’m not saying you should rely on others to show you your worth and beauty and whatnot but sometimes it takes someone to show you that you radiate and so many things about you have been overlooked. Society has conditioned us that we cannot acknowledge the beauty and positive things about ourselves. The minute we do, were stuck up, full of ourselves and no on likes that. But it’s okay for someone else to tell you that you light up a room, then it’s okay to see it exists. It has become a norm for all self-respect and self-esteem to wash away, the idea that someone else needs to save us. That’s one of the worst things our generation has done. Don’t wait for someone to tell ou that your smile lights up a room. Don’t let someone tell you that you’re too pretty to wear makeup or that you should go for a more natural look. I say to hell with that. Do what makes you happy. The happier you are, the more you have to offer this life. So stop letting your beatuy be hidden because I know that deep inside everyone has something just waiting for the world to be amazed by. And yeah I talked a lot about physical beauty but I know deep down that there is SO much more than that in each and everyone of us. I honestly think that its what’s inside that counts more and yes it’s cliche but its the truth. You can change your appearance or your makeup or outfit or whatever you will but you can never completely change your heart and where you come from and what makes you, you. So embrace it and never ever let that go.

A little bit about me

I decided that with a new blog it’s always exciting to get to know the person whose work you’re reading. Since I don’t really know what to say I’m going to just write random things that pop into my head–a true look into who I am….so without further a due, my rambling autobiography…


I love goats. I played soccer. When I was maybe 1 or two I would clap anytime someone sang happy birthday to me. I wish I could sing. I want some cake or cookies. I have a really bad sweet tooth. My old neighborhood friend and I used to bake stuff and create our own things. They never turned out. One summer I tried cooking a cookie in their microwave. It was burnt to a crisp, smelled bad and tasted like burnt popcorn. I now how to use the popcorn maker in our basement. It’s broken now. My sleazy prom date from junior year of high school was fascinated by the movie screen and popcorn maker. I used to have movies days with my brother and we’d build forts. We made a really cool snow fort a few years ago. It was cold inside. I don’t like playing in the snow because it usually ends up in my pants. Same with turf. I love playing on turf. Freshman year of high school I got really bad turf burn. It oozed through my pants and go infected. Now I have a scar. I also have one from burning myself with a heat gun while working. Heights, snakes and bugs scare me. So do people sometimes because you neer know their true intentions. In 8th grade I was confirmed. The bishop talked forever. Frozen is a really cute movie. I could never live in Alaska; I like heat and summers my favorite. I tan easily. I gave myself an infinity sun tatoo over the summer. It’s faded now. Just like some of my friendships


It doesn’t matter who you are or what you. Where you came from or where you are now. No matter what social class you’re in and who you have in your life you’re always going to face problems. But the thing is the more power and money you have the less problems you have according to our society. The problems you have are seen as first world problems” and therefor deemed as irrelevant. And you know what, that’s not okay.Is it true kids in Africa may have bigger problems? Yes absolutely. But does it make your problems any less important? Absolutely not. I think part of the reason kids are driven into poor mental health states and depression and whatever other kind of troubles they face is the lack of compassion from society. We as a society have this mind set that if you have a job and a house to live in then you should have no problems whatsoever but honestly that’s bullshit. For all society knows you were once starving and homeless and I’ve never personally experienced it but I can only imagine the hardships that were faced and that stay with a person forever. Even without being homeless people can face emotional and physical abuse and that never goes away. So again, why are these problems deemed as minor and irrelevant when they can ruin someone’s life.Why is one persons problem seen as being overdramatic and unimportant when all they really want is someone to tell them that their problems are valid and they have support. We need to stop treating other people as if their lives and their problems don’t matter because at the end of the day no matter what life you live you’re important. You matter, your problems matter and so do your triumphs so stop letting people tell you they don’t matter.